DFJ Tamir Fishman Portfolio | Fund I

  Company Exit Description
 Acquired by Alcatel, 2000
DWDM transport solutions for metro networks
 NASDAQ: RDWR, since 1999
Integrated application delivery solutions
 Acquired by Omniture, 2008
eCatalog software solutions
 Acquired by AudioCodes, 2007
Unified messaging platforms
 Acquired by Philips, 2001
Personalized broadband programming solutions
 NASDAQ: VRYA, since 2000
Field service management software
 Acquired by Amdocs, 2003
Mediation software for next-generation networks
Implantable devices for the treatment of congestive heart failure
 Acquired by Transwitch, 2006
High-speed Ethernet processors
 Acquired by ITI, 2009
Web-based engineering collaboration tools for supply chain
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About DFJ Tamir Fishman Portfolio
Since its founding in 1997, DFJ TFV group invested through 3 generations of funds,  in  some 40 Israeli High Tech companies, funding and supporting them in their quest to change the world. We take pride in many of those companies, including : Chromatis (acquired by Lucent), ModemArt (acquired by Agere), Native Networks (acquired by Alcatel), Coppergate (acquired by Sigma Designs)  as well as Radware (NASDAQ : RDWR), Allot (ALLT), Voltaire (VOLT) and many others.

The DFJ Global Network portfolio, built since 1985, has over 600 companies including companies like Hotmail (acquired by Microsoft), Baidu (NASDAQ:BIDU), Skype (acquired by eBay) and Overture (acquired by Yahoo).
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